Why Protecting Your Home Against Hurricanes is a Must

Why Protecting Your Home Against Hurricanes is a Must

If you live in South Florida and have experienced a hurricane you know as much as anyone else in Florida that a hurricane is tragic and scary. You will learn why protecting your home against hurricanes is a must. My name is Linda Martin and I moved to Florida back in 1984. I experienced hurricane Andrew back in 1992. I was living in Miami Florida where it hit the worst.

Why Protecting Your Home Against Hurricanes is a Must with AMS of FLA

When I moved down to Florida I never thought about the repercussions of what a hurricane can do. I never thought that one would hit, I just never thought about it. So about eight years after moving to South Florida I began to see on the news that a hurricane was coming our way. I was afraid!

I contacted AMS of FLA a company that provided hurricane protection and aluminum shutter installation and sales at the time. They were great! Nowadays there is no need for hurricane shutters as technology has advanced and now there are hurricane proof windows. Well, back to when they installed and sold me an entire set of hurricane shutters and put them up on my home. So, after they installed the shutters a few days later hurricane Andrew hit and for being my first hurricane, it was scary.

After Hurricane Andrew

After the devastation and walking outside, it was horrible. Homes with no roofs, windows busted out, cars upside-down, trees laying on the floor, trees inside HOMES! It was crazy!!

Now fast forward to 2016 I realize that installing hurricane windows in Florida is extremely important. The thickness of the glass and reinforcement protection can withstand a category hurricane like hurricane Andrew. The guys at AMS can provide you the best price and will get the job done in no time. Give them a call today: 1 (800) 226-6677

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